Stop eating garbage!!!!

Just because money is tight it’s never an excuse to eat garbage, if you eat garbage you start to feel like it. Think about this for a second, when I used to work on the road eating healthy was to expensive. A $5 dollar foot-long was never 5 bucks Ever!

$5 bucks before taxes and that’s only if you got the sandwich, that’s if you got it from the $5 dollar menu and of course you have to have a drink with that sandwich if you don’t wanna choke and they always rope you in for the chips before you know it it’s around 10-12 bucks to “eat fresh”. After you get in the car and drive away and you take your first bite you realize that the bread was kind of old tasting and stale but you smiled and ate it anyway because your break time is over and you can’t return it.

Any who!

I’m here to just say motivate yourself to think outside the box, if you know money is tight DO NOT EAT ANY FAST FOOD! No mater how cheap it may seam, the dollar menus are awful for your body I mean take a look at this site that’s where I found this picture about how many ingredients are in Mc Donald’s French fries.

If some one would of asked me I would of said 3!

  • Potato
  • Oil to fry
  • Salt to season

They have 17 ingredients most of which are used for preserving their food for long periods of time, I mean for all we know the fries we eat are all from a few years ago and they are tasting fresh today. But if you have ever seen the move Super size me you’ll see that French fries don’t age at all don’t believe me look under you driver seat in your car and find a fry you know is there from a while ago and see for your self that French fry looks exactly the same as the day your dropped it!

Here’s the video if your car to clean to find any fries! Share this with your friends!!!!


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