What Do I Do With All The Soy Sauce Packets?

This past week I looked around my cupboards and all I saw was one big disorganized mess.  I looked in one of the kitchen drawers and found at least eighty soy sauce and duck sauce packets from when we order take out.  So I thought to myself, what do I do with all these soy sauce packets?  My next thought was to just throw them away, but then I was kinda curious… how much soy was in all the packets?  Would I actually have enough to bottle up?

Challenge accepted!Photo Jan 11, 3 59 27 PM

I gathered all the sauce packets together and one by one I cut off the end of each packet.  I poured them into a measuring cup because it has a beaker, and pouring it into a bottle would not be a problem.  As you can see after 15 minutes I had cut open all the packets and gathered about a cup and a quarter of soy sauce. I found an empty bottle of sriracha, washed it out and poured in all of the soy sauce from my ‘collection’.  As you can see, the bottle is nearly filled to the top.   The next time you find a recipe that requires soy sauce in your dish or just want a side of soy sauce for sushi, you know where your bottle is!Photo Jan 11, 4 01 27 PM

Can you do this with anything that come in a sauce packets?  Damn skippy!  Do you have extra ketchup packets?  Bottle ’em up!  How about hot sauce packets from Taco Bell?  Bottle that up too!  Why not?  It’s free!  The next time you bring  Taco Bell home you wont be struggling with a taco in one hand and a hot sauce packet in the other while trying to rip it open with your teeth.   Nope!  Now you will be able to squeeze out as much as you want the first time and not have to spend your time fighting with two or three sauce packets.   This blog is about cooking cheap, but don’t forget that part of cooking means making the best use of the ingredients on hand.

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