Simple Lunch – Tuna Sandwich

Yes the easy to make tuna sandwich.Tuna_with_sprouts.JPG

Something so simple yet people seem to mess it up all the time. I think people are scared to do to much to our canned tuna, but don’t be afraid here are a couple ways I like to make a Tuna sandwich!

So whats the secret to making a good tuna sandwich?

I would have to say it’s 50% the mayo and 50% percent the tuna used. When you start replacing good old fashion “real mayo” for low fat, reduced fat and mayo for salads (yuck!) at least for me I feel like it should be thrown in the trash.

The mayo used in reduced fat mayo kinda looks gelatinous, actually saying that brought me back to a time when a friend of mine from H.S. came to hang out and we were searching our shelves and we came across a can of tuna. Excited, we quickly looked for the mayo and found low fat mayo in the fridge,  I scooped out a spoon full of mayo and my friend pointed out that the mayo looked a little alive. After looking at the expiration date, we took the “whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” approach and used it in our tuna…

we took a bite and walked to subway because it was really that bad… So since then we never did it again!

Here are a few ways you can eat your tuna,  and not have to spend money at subway, Because eating fresh starts at home

The Plain Tuna.


  1. Real mayo
  2. White albacore tuna
  3. ground black pepper
  4. garlic powder

This is as plain as go. just put it all in a bowl and mix together well and serve between 2 slices of bread (I love to toast my bread)

Oh where you looking for a better recipe?

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