How to Cook Rice

I was talking to a friend of mine today and she asked me how to cook rice.    I tried to explain it to her, then I thought to myself that I would just blog about how to cook rice and send her the link.

I like to make a lot of rice whenever I can because I can always reheat it the next day for leftovers.  I can even reuse it for a last minute meal of fried rice.  So I will always make extra rice, as it is easy to reuse.

Getting back to how to cook rice… when you’re a beginner,  you can always read the directions and learn the correct rice-to-water ratio, but after a few tries, you should be able to eyeball it pretty accurately like I do.

You will need:

  • long grain rice
  • a pot to cook your rice
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • a sink
  • some working hands, if you have no hands I’m sure some feet will work too.

Estimate how much rice you think you’re going to use, then wash the rice under cold water.

How to make rice? How to Clean Rice?Clean the rice till you see the water start to turn a little more clear,  you don’t have to go to crazy with it but my grandmother swears it should look something like this.IMG_2056Fill your pot of rice with some water and make sure you can still see the rice underwater.  Touch the tip of your pinky to the rice and make sure that the water level is up to your first pinky knuckle (as you can see above).   Now, set it on the stove on high heat, add olive oil,  a bit of salt and give it a quick stir and cover till the water starts to boil.  Then reduce to medium heat with the lid on its side.

how to cook rice right!You’re going to see that the water is going to reduce a bit as it boilshow to cook rice  the right way rice is almost doneOnce you can see little holes in the rice (shown above), you can fluff the rice and then cover the pot.  Reduce the heat on the stove to low. Then, just let the rice steam and cool off for about 8- 10 minutes.  Then, fluff the rice until you see what you’re looking for.

steam the rice

I would not worry about salting the rice.   If you pair it with beans or the proper type of sauce, that will flavor the rice.  And that’s it!  Learning how to cook rice is not hard at all!

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