Hot Roast Beef Sandwich With Roasted Pepper Mayo

Sandwiches are not only one of my favorites but around the house we all love them, I can never make one or two sandwiches,  Once I start the process of making one I always have to make 4-6, to feed surrounding neighbors that smell my cooking. Now I have to admit this is not my best sandwiches, (I was hit in the arm for saying that) and part of the reason is I didn’t plan it before hand, I was asked if I could make one of them sandwiches I make and honestly I didn’t think it through. I started off making a roasted pepper mayo, and then the sandwiches, first toasting the bread with a little heat to make them them turn a little brown and spread that mayo on both side of the sandwich.

Cold roast beef getting hot!

Now cooking the beef.

This is a quick process and you don’t want to cook the roast beef to much because then you just over cook the meat. You don’t want to salt it because roast beef is already salty.

My recommendation is you leave it alone let it get hot and add some spinach, onions and cover for one minute so that the spinach has a second to wilt,

Then what I like to do in make 2 piles of meat so each sandwich can have a nice portion and top it off with cheese.

Then scoop it up with your spatula and place on top of your bread I used chabata rolls from Walmart and topped off with some hot and sweet banana peppers, Sooooo good!

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