Frozen Cheese Raviolis

Frozen cheese ravioli

I was in Walmart buying food this week and one of my little ones pointed at some cheese Raviolis in the frozen section, I wasn’t gonna do it because a friend of mine that has a food blog as well, just finished her latest blog about fresh home made Raviolis. But then I started thinking… I’m all about cooking cheap meals for the family and this can work. Then I also noticed my little one batting her little eyes, and how can you say no to that face!

So I get home she helped me put away the groceries (as she talked my ear off) and she reminded me of “her” Raviolis. I always think about what they like, what they will eat and we “the adults” will eat. So for the kids it was simple make a sauce and add to the Raviolis, sprinkle a little cheeses and dinner was done for them.

But for the girlfriend I wanted to make something a little more special, she works ┬áhard you know! But I didn’t want it to take to much time either, cuz I work hard too a and I was starting to get hangry (when your hunger makes you angry at everything)

My master plan!

So I sprayed down a pan with a little canola oil, and right now we have a love for zucchini so I wanted to incorporate that into a plate so I sliced them the long way and salt and pepper both sides and grilled them on a non stick pan till they had a little brown burn marks on them.

Then all three zucchini slices went on a plate and I placed a few Raviolis till it covered each of the zucchini slices, then I topped off with the sauce and sprinkled some cheese (I used the wrong cheese because I didn’t have mozzarella but still good) and topped with some chopped basil.

I mean look at that presentation!

Vegetarian lasagna

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