Eating healthy on a budget is expensive

A friend said to me the other day. “eating healthy is so expensive.” And it got me thinking… Is it really expensive or did the FDA program our brains for to long with the chemicals that they allow us to have in our food. Now this thought process of mine was a bit shocking to me because I never really thought this way before. I mean the point of my blog was to teach you how to cook cheap and delicious food, but with that it was also to show you how to cook at home, save money and know what’s in your food.

I was just about to get into what’s the difference between organic chicken and the whole sale frozen chicken at Walmart that I buy a lot of, but after doing the research and turning my stomach inside out, I thought to me self; I’m doing fine with the geneticly modified chicken and steak. And if you want to do the research and pose nude for PETA with sayings like “be a honey go vegan” or “animals and humans have the same parts.” Go for it! (Wait that doen’t even rhyme?) The whole point of this post was to see if eating healthy was expensive, but now I had another thought, Do we all think that eating healthy and organic is the same thing? Here’s the break though, eating healthy all comes down to simple facts. make healthy choices.

Genetically modified vegetables and animals are just fine to eat, unless you want to raise the animals your self and kill your daughters pet chicken for dinner and grow all your vegetables your self for a side salad. I would not worry about eating organic because in my opinion that’s the only real way to really eat organic. But hey if you have the money to spend and it’s important to you that your chicken lived walking around eating worms and chilling under the sun with other chicken homies; then buy it! Who am I to stop you!

I know what your thinking now. For the love of God get to the point! Well obviously it’s really not that hard to eat healthy on a budget, because I have been doing it! (And trust me I’m on a budget) How? Well incase you haven’t read the rest of the post eating healthy comes down to one thing making healthy choices.

Here are some heathy choices you can make! That won’t break the bank!

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