Eat Better to Feel Better On a Budget

So you’re down to your last dollar, and you’re thinking to yourself, how am I going to get through the next few days? At this point, budgeting and planning is exactly what you should be thinking about, because what you do next can have real financial consequences. We all have bad financial situations at some point in time, and spending 20 dollars at Taco Bell really isn’t worth is… Especially when you’re trying to save your last dollar (and your credit), by making that car payment on time. In times like these, you need to eat something filling that isn’t bad for you, something that will last you for a few days until you can get ahead. Now for some of us, this means Top Ramen!   I’ve been there before. For others that means cereal, and others it means not eating at all.   If you really think about it, eating like this has a negative impact on your entire physical and mental state.

topramenConsider every time you have eaten instant Ramen noodles because you were broke. Are you feeling depressed yet? Are you feeling heavy? I’ll bet you used to sit there looking at the bottom of your noodle bowl, thinking about everyone that owes you money. Then you made another bowl, and thought of different ways to make money.   They were probably  all horrible ideas… because that flavor packet that Ramen gives you honestly will kill your insides. You probably remember feeling broke and not using the bathroom for a few days.  Ramen goes in… and doesn’t come out!

My point is that you want to make food that is actually good for you! (<—- Notice the exclamation, because I’m YELLING AT YOU!)  It’s why I encourage you to learn how to cook… so you and your family don’t feel this way.   Hey look, as long as you have good food, life’s not all that bad!  Everything else you can eventually figure out!

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