The Delray Beach Garlic Fest

The Delray Beach Garlic Fest!

The only day out of the year you don’t have to worry about Garlic fest vampires, but you have to worry about your wallet! Now this won’t be a rant on how expensive everything was,  Ill get to that later. I really want to start with how small the festival was… I have been to Delray many times for different festivals but unless my girlfriend slipped me some really heavy drugs,  I’m pretty sure the festivals that I’m used to going to were all along atlantic ave. As we struggled to look for parking, the $5 parking was full so we drove around till we found the $10 parking.  I wasn’t worried about the $10, I was happy, and both the girlfriend and I thought to ourselves, hey it was 5 dollars more but were going to be closer to the festival… so we thought…

We locked the car and walked out to Atlantic ave and we find the streets empty. We figured its a little further down after walking 3 blocks I decided to ask for directions. After asking this friendly woman about the whereabouts of garlic fest,  we find out that she is kind of lost herself and is asking everyone the same question.

A redheaded homeless man pointed his finger in the opposite direction and said its way over there. We said thank you and proceeded to walk in the other direction, after walking a couple of blocks we finally found it. It was kind of hidden on second ave and we walked up to the entrance. A 10 dollar fee per person. So I’m out $30 dollars and I don’t even smell garlic yet.  Good thing I didn’t come on Friday… ($30 per person)

We walked around and it was really crowded and really tight, I felt like I was back in New York trying to get out of the train station, except it didn’t smell like drunk homeless urine. Unfortunately we went when the sun was at its highest point and the heat was killing us, so we looked for the beer tent. We get there just to find out that we can’t get beer unless we buy tickets… Fine!

We decided to get $40 dollars in tickets, that was 40 tickets…  Now I’m out $70 dollars and I haven’t had my first beer yet… get in a line and there are bunch of people in line not getting beer they were chillen under the tent because its hot… (there were other places with tents for that but whatever…) finally get 2 beers 12 tickets… about average for a beer at a festival.

The delray garlic festivalThe lines for eating where complete chaos, and the servers didn’t care about presentation.  I kind of felt like I was in a school cafeteria and they just slopped the food on to the plate and they were giving you food that had been sitting there for about 20 mins.  As you can see to the right, that is way to much bruschetta for 2 slices of bread and the juices made the bread soggy… really soggy… that was 8 tickets…

The bruschetta itself was good, a combination of minced and whole garlic, tomatoes, onions, shallots, olives, olive juice, lemon juice and zest, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar salt and pepper.

Next we have the garlic chicken in a pita, if done right this would of been amazing! The chicken didn’t have any taste, very bland, with a hint of burnt garlic, onions, peppers. I would say the only thing that saved this pita was the pita itself, nice and fluffy like a Astoria Gyro, and their yogurt that topped the lettuce and tomatoes. This would of been better if it had no chicken or if they seasoned the chicken properly.

The only other great thing I can say about this chicken pita was this great photo that I got of my girlfriend modeling the pita. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed her smile.

Now after posting photos on Facebook we were told by my friend Carlos that we had to try the ribs and corn. So we headed for the ribs and the tickets where way toIMG_0197 much, 15 tickets and considering I was not impressed by the food I was not about to get more tickets. So we decided to get the corn. 8 tickets and another beer. Now we waited in line and watched everyone eat there corn, but when we finally got our corn it looked half the size of all the others. Now its not the size of the corn that matters here, but it would would of been nice after spending as much as everyone else,  if our corn was up to par with the others around us. We took a bite and… I just was not impressed, the garlic was there, but the corn itself  was just missing a lot of love. So Carlos I appreciated your input on the corn, maybe on the day you went,  the servers felt like working and the food was great!  But if you ate what I ate… You and your family need to come over my place one day and Ill cook you a meal and you will see that that corn and all the food at the garlic festival ain’t S***… Just say’n.

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