Cooking Cheap to Feed Your Family

Cooking Cheap and feeding the whole family on a dime!

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Let’s give it up for Mom!

It’s not Mother’s Day, but she is the inspiration for this site.  Although now she has dementia and can no longer cook, she’s the reason why I thought began to think that I could do well in the kitchen.

Back when I used to live at home under my parents roof,  I remember my mom sitting my sister and I on the bed and letting us know that my father had lost his job… that it was going to be a little tight for a few months. My mother was a great cook, and in spite of the financial setback, she made magic happen in the kitchen.   I remember there would be only $8 dollars to buy food and she had to feed four people.   With a little of her Ecuadorian magic, she would pop up delicious dishes to feed us, even though money was tight.  It was a challenge, but my Mom definitely met it.  It’s a challenge that many of us face today, which it why I’ve put together this blog.

Now I’m not talking about Honey boo-boo’s kitchen… any fool can slap together ketchup and spaghetti. I’m talking about a high-class dinning experience, made at home and for a fraction of the price. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be good! If you’re new to cooking remember that the best way to learn is to cook it over and over again until you get it right.  Make your dish, sit down and enjoy it with a friend or a loved one.  It’s always nice to hear that it’s good, or even that it is amazing!  Don’t forget to listen to the criticisms… what is it missing? What could you do better next time? Was there too much or too little salt? Was it overcooked or too raw?  Learning and making necessary adjustments is part of the learning process in the kitchen.

It’s all part of the journey, it’s fun to think of dishes that you used to eat back in the day and try to recreate them yourself, or even trying to reinvent the dish and make it better.   In the end what makes you feel rich is a full belly and an amazing experience… with enough money left over to pay that electric bill!

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