Chicken spring rolls

Home made chicken spring rolls

Home made chicken spring rolls

I ordered Chinese take out when I was younger and saw the words spring roll! It sounded so fresh, so clean, like something I was in the mood for. so I got that with an order of chicken and broccoli in garlic sauce (don’t judge me! ) and when I got my spring roll it was deep fried and oily and everything inside was soggy and disgusting… Don’t get me wrong I ate it. I remember there being mostly cabbage and there were like little bits of pork balls though out it. ( I called it mouse droppings)

Years later I walked into a Vietnamis place and I saw some people get some spring rolls, they were wrapped in this opaque wrapper and was stuffed with fresh veggies and shrimp! It’s looked effen amazing! So I called the waitress and pointed she asked me “how many pieces?” And I said “what’s the most you can get?” She said “as many as you want” and I almost punched her in excitement!!!! I said “Ill take 6”.

She brought them over with this peanut sauce, and what looked like watered down saracha with chilies in it. I grabbed my spring roll and ate it in slow motion, it was sooo crisp, so clean, so fresh, so refreshing, so amazing, where have you been all my life Mr. spring roll!

I quickly asked how the spring rolls were made and they brought out rice paper, and a bowl of hot water and a wooden block and a side of ingredients, they had me take the rice paper which felt like plastic and dip it in the hot water and within seconds the paper gets really flexible, you lay it out on the block and start filling your roll and wrap it up… I have been making them ever since!

When I moved in with my girl and found out she was allergic to shrimp, I blocked the idea of a spring roll out of my mind, but one day Mr. Spring roll came back to me in a dream and I needed to have it once again! But how I asked my self what can I put in it besides shrimp?!?!?!

And I fought the idea for a few but it was that simple… Just use chicken!

So simply cook up some chicken, slice it up as thin or as thick as you like and stuff with the rest!

  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Cilantro
  • Rice noodles
  • And don’t forget this all sits and gets wrapped in rice paper
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