Why Are There Bugs In My Rice?

RICE WEEVILHave you ever poured out your rice only to find a bunch of funny looking black bugs there? They are called rice weevils, and I know firsthand what a shock it is when you first see them. The reasons for why they got in there will probably shock you more!

The bugs can get there in one of two ways. Sometimes they are already inside the packet when you buy it. This is very common, as the bugs lay eggs and when the crops are harvested, the eggs end up in the package. They’re pretty much undetectable to the naked eye. After some time, the eggs hatch and you can see the bugs crawling through your rice. You can also have bugs sneak into the package after you open it and store it at home. I know you’re sitting there thinking to your self… ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! 

But here’s the kicker… there is nothing you can do about it. There really is no ‘weevil free’ rice anywhere in the world. They hide in grains such as rice, quinoa, and buckwheat.  And if you let the little rice weevils get out of hand ,they will act like Christopher Columbus and try to explore new worlds. I’ve found the little critters in my pasta and my flour too!

So what can we do about it? Well, if you use your grains and pasta regularly, then simply buy your bag of rice or any grain and store it all in hard plastic containers.  I bought some from Walmart they hold up to a gallon, which was enough to contain a five lb. bag of rice, and they cost around $3 each.   These keep your rice fresh and lock out humidity and those pesky weevils. Fresh jars

If you only cook rice from time to time and you tend to store your rice a little longer than most people, take the entire bag and place it in the freezer for about a week. This will kill all the rice weevils and their eggs. Then you can transfer the bag of rice to a plastic container.

Organized food!

I have recently decided that we’re not just keeping rice and grains in containers, but we are storing potato chips, nuts, pastas, even cereal in them. As we all know the bagged cereals are inexpensive, but they can go stale if the bag is left open.  You can always rely on a kid or even your spouse to leave leave the bag open.  Why set them up for failure?  This Rubbermaid container holds a 1.5 gallons which stores an entire bag of cereal and keeps it fresh!  It has a flip top to pour out cereal neatly as well.  These simple household products will keep the bugs out of your rice and keep your ingredients fresh, so you can cook it cheap!

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