Beans From A Bag Or From A Can?

I hear this question all the time, beans from a bag or from a can? I have to be completely honest… I don’t think I have ever had beans from a bag! I have always eaten beans from a can but recently, it has been brought to my attention that beans from a can are “gross”. My mother always made beans from a can, and I learned how to cook using them. When people ask my mom what beans she uses, they are often shocked at her answer.

(Mom’s Canned black beans.)

While I’m walking down the isles of the supermarket I noticed the bags of beans and I looked at the price for 1 lb. bag of black beans. At first I said to myself that’s too much, but then I thought about “how many cans do I actually buy when making beans from a can?” Then the question…

How many cups of dried beans in a 15 oz can?

  • 1 lb of dried beans is roughly 6 to 7 cups of cooked beans.
  • one 15oz can of cooked beans is roughly 1.75 cups drained, making it equivalent to 1/4 to 1/3 lbs ( or 1/2 to 3/4 cup) dried.

Okay, so I am getting more bang for my buck in this bag of beans, but while sitting here typing I began reading the ingredients on the bag of beans. I chuckled a little because it said ‘black beans’ for ingredients. In my mind I said to my self “duhhh!” Photo Jan 26, 5 11 17 PM

But then while trying to type I couldn’t help but to think to myself… What the hell are in canned beans? Photo Jan 26, 5 11 48 PMAs you can see, water, salt, calcium chloride, calcium disodium… and I understand why they’re in the beans, but then I noticed the allergy warning: may contain traces of milk, eggs, wheat and soy? Wait, what are you guys doing to my beans?!?!?!?! That’s a lot of additives, people! I’m kind of upset with myself for not seeing this in the past… So it will be safe to say that when the question comes up again… “Beans from a bag or from a can?” The answer will clearly be beans from a bag!